Welder Day in Russia


All welders of the country celebrate holiday on the last Friday of May, on the eve of summer when welding works go most intensively. This date is officially not approved, however has already quite long history — it have been celebrating  since the beginning of the 90th years of the XX century.

The profession of the welder appeared even earlier. Time of its emergence can be considered as 1802 when the Russian scientist VasilyPetrov opened effect of an electric arch at which between two coal electrodes the high temperature allowing to melt metal was created. Soon this opening found practical application — so there was an electric welding. It is curious that welders very quickly realized the professional community: in the 19th century they organized in St. Petersburg “The Russian association of electric processing of metals”. Today any branch of production doesn’t do without welding, after all the modern world — is the world of metal. Especially this profession is demanded in construction, automotive industry, the extracting branches.

Besides, besides electric welding, at the present stage there is a mass of other kinds of welding, to each of which a certain specialization of the welder is corresponded. For example, the welder by cars of contact welding, the welder on diffusion and welding installations, the welder on electron beam welding installations, the welder of thermite welding, the gas welder, the electric and gas welder.