Sanatorium “Krasnousolsk”

The professional team of ZAO Promavtomatika is capable to solve complex problems in the sphere of complex automation of production and technological processes. ZAO Promavtomatika works in the sphere of resort improvement at the leading health resorts of BashkortostanRepublic inKrasnousolskysanatorium, Karagay and Kislovodsksanatorium. Engineers of the enterprise mounted and started automated control systems and control of process of reception of hydrosulphuric and hlorido-sodium bathtubs.

The health system needed at that time the electronic device for carrying out express processing of various analyses of patients of clinics.

Its development and fine-tuning of production completely laid down on shoulders of small solid group of adherents. And, in this case high, qualified specialists of “Promavtomatika” appeared at the level – created the original device not worse than import having extended subsequently, perfectly functions in many medical institutions for the benefit of people.