Informatics Day in Russia

On December 4, 1948 Birthday of the Russian informaticsis considered. And though in Russia this holiday isn’t official yet, it is celebrated all by those who is related to informatics. The term “informatics” was for the first time entered by German Karl Shteynbukh in 1957 for designation of technical area which was engaged in the automated information processing by means of electronic computers. And there was it due to merge of two words: “information” and “automatic equipment”, and the main technical tool of information processing is the computer. In Russia date for celebration of Informatics Day is chosen on December 4 not casually. Still in the late forties of the XX century, having become interested in the appeared publications about digital computers, the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Office of technical science I.S. Brook becomes the active participant of the scientific seminar discussing questions of automation of computer facilities