Energy worker Day

The history of this holiday began on May 23, 1966. Then under the decree of the government such holiday in memory of day was founded on December 22, 1920. This day the 8th All-Russian congress of Councils took place. During this action the government accepted the plan of electrification of the country (GOELRO). The most part of Russians knows the plan of GOELRO thanks to well-known “Ilyich’s bulb” which becamethe  history. This phrase started calling household glow lamps which were used without plafond in the USSR.

It arose in 1920 after V. I. Lenin’s trip to the village of Kashino connected with the starting there of local power plant. It provided construction of 30 power plants over all country, and also further radical reconstruction of all branches of a national economy. It should be noted that our country could implement this plan by 1931. And after 15 years this plan was exceeded three times.

Later, the new decree of the government under which celebration of this day was postponed for the third Sunday of December was issued on October 1, 1980. Then the holiday was again postponed for December 22. But also now in some organizations for all country this holiday is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of December.

This holiday joins all people involved in power, everyone who works or once worked in power branch.