Vankor field

When laying cables in winter conditions there is the greatest number of unproductive losses of working hours.
ZAO Promavtomatika has experience in winter conditions, and also in the conditions of temperatures of Far North.

Way of warming up of a cable — use of high frequency for heating of cables. Warming up of a cable (on a drum) of high frequency is made in established near a cable laying place. The reel with a cable is installed on cable jacks or a trestle so that upon termination of warming up, the cable could be rolled and laid on a place immediately.

As a source use the 20-30 kW equipment which will represent the control unit and protection and the generator. The system allows to make a heating element armor of a cable irrespective of it is isolated or not, veins of a cable or metal along which the cable is laid. The main difference from all high-frequency methods (including induction) is that high frequency is transferred in the pulse mode with high energy of an impulse on a cable vein. It allows to create or induce sources of heat of big density in any mass of metal only linearly laid conductor, but not to create this density at the expense of many rounds of the inductor as in standard induction heating.