Промавтоматика, ЗАО, многопрофильная компания

About company

Mission and safety

To win the first place in the market of power introduction of Russia and the CIS
and to bethe key player in the Russian market.



The enterprise was founded in 2000. In 15 years the number of the
personnel increased to 314 people. 10 large-scale projects are executed.


Technical base

ZAO Promavtomatika possesses high technical potential.
The number of equipment increases annually and modernized.



ZAO Promavtomatika annually confirms the admissions for workin difficult
conditions, qualifications of experts and quality of the carried-out services.



Positive reviews of cooperation with us are pledge modernand high-quality
rendering services.


Scientific activity

ZAO Promavtomatika is the research and production center, therefore
and with other scientific institutes we have a process of dense cooperation.



ZAO Promavtomatikadevelops, the volume of the performed works annually increases,
therefore we are always glad to see qualified specialists in our ranks.