Energy audit

What is the energy audit?


   Power inspection — collecting and processing of reliable information about the volume of the used energy resources, about indicators of power efficiency, identification of opportunities of energy saving and increase of power efficiency with reflection of the received results in the power passport.


Energy audit purposes


   Obtaining objective data on volume of the used energy resources;


   Definition of indicators of power efficiency;


   Determination of potential of energy saving and increase of power efficiency;


What we offer in the field of power audit


   Power inspection (primary, secondary, planned, extraordinary, preoperational), including our experts develop power passports and reports;


   Determination of energy saving potential, energy efficiency growth, including scheduling of actions for power saving, for the purpose of economy of electricity consumption, reduction of non-productive losses, possible at operation warm and energy resources;


   Development of design decisions by means of SAPR on optimization of expenses regarding increase of energy efficiency of construction designs.

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