Electric installation work

  Installation and adjustment of instrumentations and automatic equipment;

   Installation, adjustment and service of devices of relay protection, chains of management, alarm system and automatic equipment;

   Electric installation work, electric measurements;

   Installation, adjustment and service of electric equipment on objects of production, preparation and oil and gas refining (management of oil wells, the measurement group installations, sectional pump stations, oil preparation installations, etc.);

   Installation and adjustment of the automatic fire alarm system and maintenance;

   Start-up, adjustment and test of electric equipment and schemes of the electric drive of drilling rigs of various types on an alternating and direct current, systems of land control of process of drilling;

   Installation and adjustment of local warning systems at emergency situations;

   Adjustment of generators and systems of excitement;

   Installation of covering of industrial and civil facilities;

   Repair of external and internal electric networks;

   Cleaning of a hollow and hydraulic test of thermal networks for durability and density and further maintenance;

   Equipment complete set.

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