The main directions on the service are


  Industrial control system (automated process control systems);

   Instrumentation and automated control systems (instrumentations and automatic equipment);

   SFAS (security and fire alarm system);

   UPSes (uninterruptible power supplies);


Commissioning of industrial control system


   Start of industrial control system;

   Debugging of parameters of technological process;

   Highly skilled help in adjustment of industrial control system of the equipment;

   Development of the plan of testing and acceptance of system;

   Expansion of opportunities of the equipment by change of programs of management introduction in the PCS of additional sensors and the managing director of components;

Service of instrumentation and automated control systems


   Maintenance and diagnostics of systems of automation;

   Repair of technical devices of systems of automation;

   Check of serviceability and correctness of indications;

   Check of operation of devices of protection, blocking and alarm system;

   Carrying out periodic calibration;


Security and fire alarm system


   Control of movement of the personnel — a way of the movement on the territory of the enterprise and location at a given time;

   Control of access for the personnel to certain sites of object — direct permission or a ban of unauthorized access to a site;

   Actuation mechanisms of control and management systems for access: electromechanical or electromagnetic locks, closers of doors, check locks, turnstiles, automatic gate, barriers;

   Equipment of direct management of access (controlers of management of access);

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