Промавтоматика, ЗАО, многопрофильная компания

Types of jobs

The right choice of the company for carrying out electric installation work on your object is a pledge of further safe and accident-free functioning of all electrical systems (electrical wiring) of object.


In a choice of the electroassembly company before the customer always there is a question of cost of the performed works. However, in the construction sphere the special attention has to be paid to quality of the rendered services as safety of the people who are on object after its commissioning first of all depends on it.


In our work we use only qualitative materials of the leading producers which passed certification in the territory of the Russian Federation, electric installation work is performed strictly according to Construction Norms and Regulations and PUE, the working collective has professional education and a wide experience of work.


The professional team of ZAOPromavtomatika is capable to solve complex problems in the sphere of complex automation of production and technological processes.


Integration with the Russian and foreign firms allows us to perform works in the field of industrial automation, beginning from the small objects based on local controlers, finishing with the distributed scalable control systems.


The wide experience of successful implementation of projects on development and deployment of systems of the PCS, ASUP, ASODU, ASKUE, ASTUE, ASUE in many regions of Russia is saved up.


Power inspection of the enterprise is one of the most modern and optimum branches of audit of energy efficiency for today which allows to establish the reasons of an irrational expense of the fuel and energy resources which aren’t justified for the enterprise of losses.
It can be carried out concerning technological process, the industrial enterprise, a construction or even the separate equipment.

Electric installation work


Energy audit

Scientific activity

Technical facilities